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Photo: Naomi Kantrowitz

Suburbit is the tangible manifestation of a dream I had after my own city to suburb journey. In 2017, I made the decision to move out of the city and a year later took the plunge to build a brand and tools to help prospective homebuyers find exactly what and where “home” is—starting with finding the right town. Suburbit focuses on suburban lifestyle and real estate to empower buyers with data, inspiration and knowledge.

I was able to experience firsthand how much- or how little, really- information exists about making a move to the suburbs, and honestly, how much of it wasn’t targeted to me — a working mom, who still wanted be able to commute into the city, but also wanted the spaciousness of a home and the perks of town living.

I created Suburbit to intuitively meet needs first-time homebuyers don’t even know they should have — like searching for a perfect town and not just a perfect home. Users can complete a survey that after 10 questions will give you your top 3 towns. If the towns make your heart skip a beat, you’ll be referred to an expert agent from those specific towns and our promise is that they will hold your hand through the homebuying process.

We won’t leave you behind either! On our blog, you’ll find a constant stream of content that will answer questions like — what to expect your first winter as a homeowner or how to make friends once you’ve moved to your new town.

When I bought my first home and finally had the keys in my hand, I knew I wanted to give others this same moment minus the headaches that I had to endure. Leaving the finance industry and delving headfirst into the startup world has been an adventure, and I love sharing why it’s been so worth it.

Naomi Kantrowitz
Founder & CEO

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